What is Alpha?

Everyone has questions about what life is all about. We believe that everyone should have a chance to share those questions, explore the Christian faith and give their point of view.

Alpha is a place where you can ask those questions.  We meet together for a delicious meal and listen to a talk that is designed to kick-start a conversation about what life is all about. We give you a chance to share thoughts and ideas on the topic in small groups. There’s no obligation to say anything and no question is too big or small to be raised. It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.

When is it happening?

Ace the Gladiator is coming to the Alpha launch event Tuesday 24th April 7.30pm at St Mary’s Parish Rooms. Warren Furman was ‘Ace’ on the 1990s TV show, ‘Gladiators’ and is coming to speak about his Christian faith.

Tuesday evenings after Easter – dates and times TBC.

Find out more

Contact – alpha@stmaryscnorton.com

For more information visit the Alpha website