Easter Events 2018 – Review

Easter Create @ Kingham

Easter Create Pic2Twenty-two ladies met at Delphie Stockwell’s house for our annual Easter Create.  This year we decorated bags with Eater themes using material, buttons or paint and made some delicious melting moment biscuits. Brenda Hayden gave us a very thought-provoking talk, using some examples from her personal journey in the Chrisitan faith.  As an artist she illustrated her talk with one of her paintings of Lindisfarne Causeway, to illustrate whether we use a way provided for us as safe passage or do we risk it by going our own way and making bad decisions.  She challenged us to look to Jesus as he had already provided the way back to God.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Christian faith then our Benefice is running an Alpha course at St Mary’s Chipping Norton with a taster evening on Tuesday 24th April at 7.30pm.  Thank you to Delphie Stockwell for hosting and organising the cooking, ably helped by Tori and her friend and Kathie & Sally for heading up the craft.

Esater Create bag









This year, Year 3 from Kingham Primary School came down to St Andrew’s Church to walk with Jesus in the last week of his life.  We enjoyed having them and by their excitement and questions I think they enjoyed it too.

Footsteps 2018 ppic