Zoom Christingle

ChristingleZoom Christingle

Sunday 29th Nov at 10am

Please come and join us for a service to celebrate the beginning of Advent, and make Christingles together. Some families will receive a bag of ingredients to make a Christingle, but for others, or to make more than one in a household, here are the details.

Each of the ingredients in a Christingle is there for a reason and is used to symbolise something:

The orange is used to symbolise the world.

The red ribbon represents God’s love encircling the world, reminding us of the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.

The dried fruit and sweets represent God’s gifts to the world, including kindness and love.

The four cocktail sticks represent the four corners of the world (north, south, east and west), or the four seasons.

The candle represent the light that Jesus brings to the world.

If you need the Zoom invitation, please email david.w.salter@btinternet.com.