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What is CAP?

Christians Against Poverty is a national charity that partners with local churches to provide free debt counselling, job clubs and money courses. Since 1996, it has helped thousands of people become debt free.

Debt help

Home visits

By calling 0800 328 0006 you can ask a Debt Coach from the Chipping Norton CAP Debt Centre to visit you in your own home.

An effective budget

Our trained debt counsellors will work out a realistic budget that prioritises your essential bills. CAP will negotiate affordable payments with each creditor and attempt to stop unfair interest and charges where possible. Your local Debt Coach will then explain the budget and the payments you will need to make.

CAP Plan

In most cases, a CAP Plan is set up for you. You will need to make one weekly or monthly payment into your CAP Plan to cover your bills and debts. CAP will then distribute this on your behalf. You can also build up savings through your CAP Plan.

Severe debt

If you are in severe debt, then we can walk you through insolvency options, such as petitioning for bankruptcy. We can help you to fill out the forms and even attend court with you.

For more information please email   office@stmaryscnorton.com